- KitKat Jesus -

In march 2009 there where 3 Jesus sightings in quick succession:
in a cushion, on Google Earth, and in a meteorite.
We spotted a fantastic Have a break, have a KitKat opportunity here.
One day before Easter, I sent an email to the two largest Dutch news sites.
And wrote, with a non existing person from Amsterdam as sender,
that he discovered the face of Jesus in his KitKat, after taking a bite,
and attached 2 photos as proof. One of them published the story immediately.
Then it spread like wildfire. Within four days, KitKat Jesus was on more than 150k sites.

• Webby Award Winner 'People's Choise' (Email Marketing)
• Webby Award Winner 'Jury' (Email Marketing)
• Webby Award Nominee (Online Guerilla & Innovation)
• ADCN Gold Lamp (Viral Marketing)
• 2 x ADCN Finalist (Interactive)
• Merit Pencil at The One Show
• Silver World Medal New York Festivals (Humor)
• Silver World Medal New York Festivals (Interactive)
• Finalist Cresta Award (Buzz marketing)
• Bronze Esprix (Budget Marketing)
• #1 Best Hoax Netherlands 2009 (Best Hoax)
• Bronze Eurobest (Media)
• Bronze Eurobest (Interactive)
• Gold Epica (Technique)
• Silver Epica (Media)
• 2x Finalist Cannes Lions
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